A UK first for Guerilla

That’s January’s sorted. One twelfth of the year down and Guerilla is off to a flying start.

We decided we’d tell you about the great stuff we’ve been doing most recently, work we are proud of which met the following criteria :
1. Visually different
2. Successful for our clients
3. Value for money
4. Innovative
But we had to too much to choose from, so we thought we’d share this UK “first” with you all.
We have just launched UK Rails first “smart wall” – for our friends at Northern Rail.


We provided all the content for the wall including designing Customer Information screens, adapting adverts for the digital format and developed a fab new animation style to introduce the smart wall to customers.

Meet the Northern ticket pal

Harrogate-large screen-reverse-welcome_3 (2)

He’ll help you buy a ticket, plan your route, check out the latest news and weather. Sadly he can’t make you a coffee, but he will tell you if you have time for one before your next train!

Could we help you develop your next creative campaign?
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We are hoping it will be a world first so we can top this blog!