Green Office Week

I’ve just been reading all about Green Office Week 2010. Despite my better judgement (and perhaps because they’ve left me unattended in the office) I’m considering signing up to be an ambassador (oohh – with these Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling me). Green Office Week isn’t just about being environmentally’s about ways to save money as well as the environment. I’m all for saving a few pennies, and really – I think it would be nice not to mess about with the world too much if we can help it. Anyway, according to the website, this is what I need to do to sign up:-

What will being a Green Office Week ambassador involve?

  • You’ll be sent a resource pack featuring lots of helpful, practical advice and tools to empower your office to be greener. 
  • We want you to tell Avery what you hope to achieve and during the week give us a daily update of what’s going on in your office.
  • Take photos of you and your colleagues being eco-friendly, or perhaps write a short blog on the Green Office Week website. 
  • Avery will send you fabulous goody bags to thank you for making UK office life greener.
  • To become a Green Office Week Ambassador, email  with your name, company name, telephone number and a sentence or two explaining why you’d like to get involved.

You can find out more about Green Office Week here –

Wish us luck!