Guerilla serving up great content

As Andy Murray waits for the rain to stop in France so he can play his French open quarterfinal and Wimbledon is so close you can almost hear Sir Cliff singing I thought that this was sufficient a tenuous link to reflect on the content creation service (get it?) that we offer our clients.

Combining journalistic skills with great ideas we provide content for a diverse range of Clients and target audiences including Cook Italian, Thameslink, Ecowater, Northern and Glenryck.

For our transport clients it’s all about journey stimulation with ideas on where to go and what to do and see when you get there. We actually have great fun doing this and often combine desk research with site visits. A great excuse to get out from behind the desk and think laterally about a Clients objective, rubbing shoulders with the target audience experiencing the service for ourselves.

Among other gems we have tried out our circus skills in Shoreditch and found a speak easy hidden behind a launderette in Manchester’s northern quarter. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it.


But it’s not just travel related content, equally fun is dreaming up content for Cook Italian’s authentic range of pasta and tomatoes. Or brain teasers for Glenryck pilchards.


Increasingly integrating content provision with campaign creative is a trend that we see as key to creating appealing interactive campaigns. It also delivers to our core proposition:

To generate great creative ideas tailored to the Clients objectives and audience and have fun doing it.

If you are look for cost effective ways to get more from your next campaign, then give us a call on 01628 819007