Guerilla’s Top 10

Move over the noughties and bring on the teens!

Farewell 2009 and a warm welcome and a nice cuppa for the glorious new decade ahead of us. We have two great reasons to celebrate this month, the start of a shiny new decade brings with it the marvellous revelation that Guerilla Marketing is 10 years old! That’s right, we are celebrating a big birthday here at Guerilla towers. What a marvellous excuse to show off and highlight what we do best.

So take our hand and stroll with us down memory lane as we take a look back at our favourite pieces of marketing communication from 10 years of great Guerilla campaigns. You may just be inspired to pick up the phone and ask us what we can do for your brand.

Storming in at the number 1 spot, Tim Henman appeals to a younger, urban audience for Slazenger. This piece of work also had the added advantage of shifting loads of tennis balls in inner city stores. More importantly, we hear it’s Tim’s Mum’s favourite!

In at number 2 is our unique “Wake Me Up Before You Go” proposition. The headlines we made on behalf of Great Eastern generated a million pounds worth of positive PR.

An unusual entry at number 3, our client Eurobond make industrial cladding – in all honesty its a bit dull. But its fireproof and used in schools – now there’s a hook!

At number 4, proof that being a start up doesn’t mean you can’t develop a cool brand, with great creative. Don’t forget wherever you are if you need a cab just beep!

Bringing up the rear at number 5 is Cornwall Tourism. Our “Chill and Thrill” campaign neatly combined two propositions in one single minded piece of communication.

To find out more about these exciting campaigns or to talk to us about your marketing needs call Ian or Gus on 01628 819007 or visit us online.

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