If you’ve got a problem

Don’t panic help is at hand.

In 2000 a crack agency team was assembled and although we’ve never seen the inside of a maximum security stockade we’ve been entrusted with some pretty high-profile support projects over the past 18 years. Projects including the London 2012 Olympics, Commonwealth Games and important  tech launches. The sort of projects that simply have to get delivered on time – no plan B, no fail. We’ve also become a first port of call for our clients when things go wrong and large-scale, complex communication tasks have to be delivered swiftly and accurately in hostile operational and media conditions.

When the briefing starts with “we are waiting for the announcement from the Minister / PLC Board / Owner…” we know it’s time to suit up and get ready to mobilize the troops. Our clients rely on us for fast turnarounds, accurate delivery and a calm, confident bedside manner when the nasty stuff hits the fan.

How do we do it?

Make it real – we brief the project team as early as possible about the background behind the task we face, so everyone understands the client’s position. This engenders a feeling that we are all in it together and on the same side. This level of empathy really drives determination to deliver, especially when timings are tight and the stakes are high.

Get ahead – Experience and close, strong client relationships allow us to pre-empt some disaster recovery scenarios. We check key personnel availability to ensure the right team is in place and we are not shorthanded when the balloon goes up.

Don’t get lost – If embarking on a long hike to a set destination, the first few steps are vitally important, if you start off one degree out on your compass bearing by the time you finish you’ll be miles off track. That’s why at the start of a project we carefully and calmly check with clients their exact requirements, key milestones and critical dates. If we all know the rules of engagement we can all work to a common goal, and stay on track.

And finally, don’t forget to breathe! – There is always time to check, and check again.

So when the pressure is on just remember, if you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find us, maybe you can hire – the GUERILLA TEAM.