Introducing Jessica Gray

Today I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Jessica Gray, our most recent addition to the Guerilla family. She allowed me to quiz her on life’s most important questions including “what did you have for tea last night” and “what is your party trick!?” What she had to say was both exciting and ground breaking… have a read below but brace yourself – this is life changing stuff:

Quiz Master Kyle: What is your full name? Jessica Alice Gray – the Guerilla’s call me “Rick”

Quiz Master KyleWhat special skill are you going to bring to the Guerilla team? The wall of sloth, my special parking skills and my quirky and fun style of design.

Quiz Master Kyle: What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to go on trips, I like to go here there and everywhere. My last trip was to Bird World and next I’m thinking of going into London, maybe a trip to the Natural History Museum.

Quiz Master Kyle: If you could be any superhero who would you be and why? Wonder Woman definitely. I really like her outfit. (Superpowers are secondary to fabulous outfit choices in Jessica’s opinion).

Quiz Master Kyle: What is your all time favourite sandwich filling? Prawn mayonnaise on brown bread.

Quiz Master Kyle: What is your party trick? She gets a bit embarrassed but I manage to get the truth out of her…turns out that she can “talk like a chipunk” I invite her to give me a demonstration and lo, it’s like being in the room with Alvin himself. An extraordinary talent, I ask how on earth she discovered she could do that and she replies “it just came to me one day”. Astonishing.

Quiz Master Kyle: What are you most proud of? I am proud that I achieved a degree in Graphic Design and that I have found a job which allows me to use it every day! She genuinely does look proud, she’s right to be, we think she is doing a great job!

Quiz Master Kyle: What are your 3 pet peeves? She responds almost immediately, I think she must spend quite a bit of time thinking about these. I don’t like cuddlers, I don’t like people who make a fuss about nothing and I really hate people who don’t bother to indicate before pulling out! She goes in to detail about the time she was driving past a parked van as part of a line of traffic when the van just pulled out without bothering to indicated…she was furious.

Quiz Master Kyle: Tell us something interesting about you… I can scuba dive, I did my first dive when I was just 15 years old.

Quiz Master Kyle: If you weren’t working with the Guerilla’s, what would your ideal job be? She thinks for a moment and then she says… I do like packaging… I explain that this can be any job, any job in the whole world… She seems reluctant to let go of her love of packaging but eventually she admits she would quite like to have been an actress… we digress slightly while we discover a mutual appreciation of period drama…

Quiz Master Kyle: Beach or mountains? Beach definitely – skiing has no appeal for me

Quiz Master Kyle: Quiet pub or noisy club? Noisy club!

Quiz Master Kyle: Lazy Sunday breakfast or party with friends? Party with friends!

Quiz Master Kyle: What did you have for dinner last night? I had chicken fajitas. I experimented with courgettes in them, I won’t be doing that again – it wasn’t my best idea.

Quiz Master Kyle: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a Mermaid. I ask her what made her change her mind. She looks at me like I’m crazy and then says I don’t have a tail! (I feel like a fool for asking). She interrupts my questions for a moment to tell me that she is thinking of dying her hair pink like a My Little Pony and we get distracted by a childhood story about the time one of the girls in her class used the tail hair of her My Little Pony to flick mud at her. It was a bad time for Jess.

Quiz Master Kyle: What was your favourite toy as a child? 1990s Barbie is the original as far as I’m concerned, me and my sisters used to spend hours playing with our Barbie’s. I say that I think Barbie’s were out before the 90’s and she tells me that as far as she sees it, anything either pre or post 1990’s is an abomination.

Quiz Master Kyle: Why did you decide to go into Graphic Design? I like thinks that look pretty, I want to make things look pretty. The way things look is important. Art was my favourite subject at school.

Quiz Master Kyle: Finally – if you were on the 10am train from Reading to Maidenhead, and you were travelling at 90 mph, what time would you get in to Maidenhead? I can’t answer that, I don’t know if there are delays on that line.

I can’t argue with that logic so I thank Jess and we both trundle back to our desks to continue our day. I can’t lie…the world of Guerilla feels just a bit more pink and sparkly with Rick in it!

Jess gives her answers some serious thought..

Jess gives her answers some serious thought…