Is digital mobile marketing the new junk mail?

Junk mail, large volume direct mail that no one wants is synonymous with the pre-digital age (although on returning from holiday I did find over 50 pieces of unwanted mail on my mat, and over 500 emails also awaiting me!) Digital mobile advertising is in danger of going the same way. Or at least that is the popular myth. However junk mail thrived and survives to today because it works, it is a numbers game. Get your message to enough people and some will buy, get it to enough of the right type of people and more will buy. Is mobile digital marketing not the same? No it definitely is not.

The best advertising across any medium is entertaining and delivers to a need. This is particularly true in the digital environment. If you are going to grab my attention while I am playing solitaire or candy crush you sure as hell better have a good reason, make me laugh, tell me something useful or save me some money.

Great content, into the hands of a receptive audience, it’s as true today as it was in the pre-digital era, the principles have not changed but the medium sure has.

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