It’s all about Steve…

Guerilla a.k.a – Quizmaster Kyle asks the hard questions…

She asks the hard “Whats your favourite sandwich filling”

Here at Guerilla I’ve gained a reputation for my relentless quizzing of new people (think Macauley Culkin in Uncle Buck – so you can imagine how thrilled I was to get my hands on new Lead Designer Steve Rotondo… we sit down, coffee in hand and discuss life, design and his brief but impressive brush with fame with a an appearance in the Argos catalogue;

Guerilla: Thanks for coming Steve (although to be fair you work here so you really didn’t have much choice), shall we get started?! (Steve adopts a “gung-ho” attitude and indicates that he is indeed keen to get cracking)

Guerilla: What’s your full name?

Steve: Steven Tony Rotondo – we pause to assimilate this glorious information, I make a note to refer to him as “Tony” where possible.

Guerilla: How old are you?

Tony Steve:I am 35” – he’s getting comfortable now..I have eased him in with some no brainers in an effort to trick him in to really opening up later..

Steve in action!

Guerilla: Where do you live?

Steve: North London, East Finchley for now..but I’m looking to move (we briefly get distracted discussing the relative merits of local life and the ease of commute into London)

Guerilla: What special skills are you going to bring to the Guerilla team?

Steve: My design and creative skills obviously, but I am also preparing to unleash my dastardly humour on you at some point.

Guerilla: Interesting..we look forward to that! What do you like to do in your spare time?

Steve: Relaxing, drinking, catching up with friends, watch TV.. would like to come up with something else but that’s pretty much the long and the short of it, oh, other than house hunting of course! – we are once again distracted by the heady world of house hunting..

Guerilla: And now to the question on everyone’s lips…What is your favourite sandwich filling (I can’t believe they haven’t given me my own daytime TV show yet..)

Steve: I like tuna and mayo best but that’s far too time consuming for for speed I would recommend ham or cheese. Glamorous!

Guerilla: What is your party trick?

Steve: My infamous disappearing cigarette trick! (We stop to consider if he means just smoking it…)

Guerilla: What are you most proud of?

Steve: My Masters degree in illustration and digital media. (We discuss his animated childrens book – he has been kind enough to share a still from it here):

Guerilla: It looks great! Moving on…what are your 3 x pet peeves?

Steve: 1) Mess – I am very tidy so mess really gets on my nerves. 2) London, hoodies and crime (Guerilla – that’s 3 Steve! That’s like the Kinder Egg of peeves!) 3) Idiot drivers and their beeping ways (Guerilla – we think he means actual beeping rather than just modestly excusing a swear word!)

Guerilla: Tell us something interesting about you

Steve: I was in the Argos Catalogue…I was asked to help model some sporting goods for a company I was working for and Argos picked up the pictures..sadly I was never offered any royalties! (Guerilla – we have included a selection of these snaps for your viewing pleasure dear readers!)







Guerilla: If you weren’t working as a Guerilla, what would your ideal job be?

Steve: Sleeping or sunbathing…or being a professional footballer

Guerilla: Beach or mountains?

Steve: Beach

Guerilla: Quiet pub or noisy club?

Steve: Quiet pub

Guerilla: Lazy Sunday breakfast or party with friends?

Steve: Both!

Guerilla: Cats or dogs?

Steve: Well my fiancée loves cats and she wants I suppose I should say cats! (not the Musical)

Guerilla: Favourite film?

Steve: I have loads! Seven, Trainspotting, Shawshank Redemption, Human Traffic

Guerilla: If you were on a 10am train from Reading to Maidenhead, and you were travelling at 90mph, what time would you get in to Maidenhead?

Steve: I don’t understand the question! I’m not…It’s a local knowledge kind of thing I guess… about 10 minutes?!

Guerilla: And finally..what did the first person to milk a cow actually think they were doing!?

Steve: God knows..but it sounds rude.

Thanks for being such a good sport Steve (we bet Argos said the same thing!) we are very pleased to have you on board the good ship Guerilla!

Next time…we get inside the mind of Mr Gus Williams..frightening stuff…