New campaign for Northern

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

When Northern appointed Guerilla to create a campaign to tackle fare evasion across its network at a difficult time for public transport, we knew that we had to base our approach on understanding the different types of rail traveller and why they might, on occasion, travel without a valid ticket.

First steps were to interview and hold workshops with front line Revenue Protection teams to build a picture of the types of people likely to fare evade. We used this information as well as previous experience with other rail networks to build a customer type spectrum. We found that there was a range of customer types from those who simply forgot to buy a ticket through to life-long fare evaders.

Our creative strategy was to develop a strong, simple campaign which tonally adjusted depending on the audience and location within the rail journey.

Softer educational reminders and help to buy messaging online, on social media and at ticket office moving to
harder more punitive messaging platform and on train where the individual would be actively travelling without a ticket.

The resulting ‘Play fare’ campaign has gone live in key ticketless travel hotspot stations and routes this winter and will be rolled out network-wide in the Spring.