looking after your ideas machine

Bugger off

Our brains are amazingly complex idea machines, allowing us to think the impossible, to imagine the unimaginable. However all too often in our day-to-day business life we allow ourselves to be boxed in by preset rules.
So how can you make sure your brain is open to new ideas and receptive to innovation, from your own ideas machine OR someone else’s.

Here are five Guerilla tips to keeping your ideas machine at the top of its game

1. Bugger off.
Take your holidays regularly make sure you never go more than six weeks without at least a half day doing something different. A refreshed brain is a powerful tool.

2. Look to the heavens
Well the sky anyway. Why? because to do that you have to get outdoors. The great outdoors, literally a breath of fresh air, works wonders recharging the brain.

3. Power nap.
Sleep is vital to re-charge your brain cells. As well as a solid eight hours a night a power nap during the day will leave you ready to power on being your awesomely creative self.

4. Wander lonely as a cloud.
Metaphorically at least, reading and writing poetry is illogical, training your brain to forget its dominant logical side, or at least put it aside, will help idea generation. And physically getting lonely can help. A bit of quiet contemplation helps the ideas generation machine compute the thoughts spinning round it like a whirling dervish.

5. Graffiti.
Writing or drawing an idea on a wall will help you to literally step back and examine it. It’s often a good idea to scribble it on a wall and see if anyone else comments on it. At Guerilla we have a massive white wall for this but a good old flip chart works just as well. (No put the spray paints down)

Other great ways to improve your brain power are said to include:

  • Playing Tetris
  • Drinking red wine
  • Making new friends
  • Drinking coffee
  • Getting laid
  • Exercise more
  • Learn a new skill

We are working our way through the list trying to see if they work. Want to know how we got on? Give us a call.

And if all that fails and you are still staring at a blank sheet of paper – call the ideas guys at Guerilla Creative.  www.guerilla-creative.co.uk