Marketing in a recession

So the recession is over and we have entered into growth. Or at least that is what the economists are telling us. So how does this effect us in marketing land – not a jot is the honest answer because we work on feelings and insights. And it is not the greatest insite in the word to know that the consumer is feeling fragile. There is a good article in this weeks marketing magazine reeling off loads of market stats like 65% of consumers say they will cut back on spending in 2010 and 78% of shoppers will scale back on discerionary items.

Ok doom and gloom all round. Well no not really. At Guerilla we are convinced that if had asked these questions 10 years ago IN JANUARY the answers would have been similar if not on quite the scale.

Consumers will spend – as marketeers we need to convince them that it is either great value or a sensible investment or a moment not to be missed.

So communication should be focussed on consumer needs, single minded and persuasive – so whats new? Thats what we have been doing at guerilla for the last 10 years – now that is good news.