Telling not selling

The Covid 19 Pandemic has thrown up some challenges to businesses who cannot currently promote/sell their services due to social distancing measures but whose customers need a high level of engagement. As we ease out of lock-down marketing teams are wrestling with the need to “tell” customers about new processes and unfamiliar restrictions. Not an easy task for teams who have spent years selling to those same customers.

Over the past decade, Guerilla has been providing clients with a range of customer-centric, geo-targeted digital and social programmes to help them keep customers informed, reassured and updated in fast moving environments.
Telling as opposed to selling is actually a harder communications task often requiring a layer of tact and diplomacy, usually on the hurry up and always with a need for clarity and accuracy.

These include;

Alerts and notices.
Examples of this included geo-focused strike communication, weather events and general disruption notices. Never good news, but always better when communicated clearly, in advance of travel/purchase.


Using targeted social media campaigns to recruit specialist staff for transport operators has proved far more effective than generic job boards. The social and geo-targeting options available through social media are often better for recruiters than traditional filters. It also allows the prospective new employee to start engaging with the recruiter form an early stage.


Information bulletins.
Turning potentially complex processes into simple outcomes is bread and butter to the Guerilla team. From explaining how a Smart card works, to coaching a user through an online video consultation or explaining the “help to buy” process, we put the customer first, throw jargon out of the window to create visually appealing advice that works.


Behaviour change.
Asking customers to change the way they behave is a tricky one. We used humour in a series of animated shorts for GTR to get people thinking about the wider implications of things like fare evasion, littering or personal security. Check the adventures of Dodgy Derek as he tries to avoid paying for a ticket.

What is absolutely essential whatever approach you take is to be honest open and speak with clarity and compassion.

We have recently been appointed by Northern to create a customer communication campaign which will be timed to run when restrictions are lifted and train operators are allowed to carry more customers. Thinking ahead and anticipating customer sentiment can be a big help in planning for all eventualities.

Guerilla Creative offers fast, flexible turnaround and experienced advice which clients find invaluable in these ever changing and uncertain times.

If you need to reach out and engage with customers we can help.

If you need to maintain a relationship with customers we can help.

If you need to warn or advise customers we can help.

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