Stand out in a crowd

Key principles of Guerilla marketing

  • It’s about strategy not tactics. The flashy exciting noisy bit of Guerilla is the tactics, unusual media channels, innovative creative, getting closer to your audience, ruffling feathers and generally making a big noise. However this only works if your strategy is right.  You can ambush any number of people and tell them that your prices are low might bring in a few new ones but maybe a message to your existing customers would have brought in more.
  • It’s about customers not competitors. The name Guerilla suggests, guns, conflict, taking on your big rival. Well that is true but Guerilla wars are won in the hearts and minds. You beat the opposition by listening to your customers. Understanding their needs and desires will unlock the potential to attract more. Talk to them, do your research, use this to shape your strategy.
  • It’s about being different not better. Most of us are obsessed with being better than our competitors but better is subjective. One person’s  “better”  is another person’s “worse”. All you need to be is different in a way that your customer cares about.  Stand out from the crowd, be noticed, be different.

And a key misperception: 

  • Guerilla marketing is cheap. No its not, what it is is swapping ££££s for time and effort. So it can be zero cost – but only if you have the time and energy to do it all yourself. If you employ someone else to do it for you it can cost just as much as traditional media – so do not phone us if you want a zero cost activity.  Do phone us if you want effective value for money creative ideas.