Thames Hospicecare & a Walk to Remember

Unless you’ve had your eyes squeezed shut the past few months you will have no  doubt seen Guerilla Girl Hayley’s efforts to raise money for the amazing cause that is She has been using the might of social networking to raise money for this cause and you’ll be pleased to know, the opportunity to put your hand in your pocket and sponsor her is still very much open, you can do so via Last Sunday Hayley hauled herself out of bed at an extraordinary hour to take part in Thames Hospice Care’s “Walk to Remember” We caught up with her to find out how it went:

Guerilla: So a 5.30am start on a Sunday morning in Autumn?! What on earth possessed you to do it?!

Hayley: We have done some fantastic work with over the past few months but that’s not why I wanted to get involved. A few years ago the Hospice helped my family when we were caring for my Granddad in his final months when he was suffering with Cancer. The love and support the Hospice gave to me and my family was incredible and I wanted to do something to say thank you. Getting up at 5.30am on a Sunday morning seemed such a tiny thing to do but my efforts raised £600 which will be used to help others the same way my family were helped… so it was well worth it!

Guerilla: 13 miles is a long way to walk, did you have to do much training for the event?

Hayley: I was very fortunate to have a friend agree to do the walk with me and we spent many evenings and weekends walking just to get our fitness up in preparation for the day. In all honesty it was just like spending 3 hours having an early morning chat to my friend. We were very lucky with the weather too – we crossed the finish line just as it started to pour down!

Guerilla: Were you feeling bandy legged the following day?

Hayley: Surprisingly no! My friend was suffering but I was feeling absolutely fine. To be fair, I did spend the rest of my Sunday glued to my sofa not moving much so I suppose that helped!

Guerilla: The Thames HospiceCare do lots of events to help raise money over the year, do you have plans to get involved with any others?

Hayley: My brother is taking part in the Drag Race in October so I will be taking my little girl along to support him. Doubtless she will be shocked to see her Uncle in a dress but hopefully he will be going so fast it won’t matter!

Guerilla: We’ll be sharing our blog story with the team at Thames Hospice Care, is there anything you would like to say to them?

Hayley: I would like to say ‘Thank You” – It really doesn’t do justice for what they did for me and my family but I hope it will be a start.

Guerilla: Thank you Hayley – now go and get on with some work!

Don’t forget you can sponsor Hayley at or text QFRY54 £5 to 70070.

Proud Hayley having walked 13 miles for Thames HospiceCare