we all love a bit of Guerilla action


There are three principles that underpin any Guerilla campaign.

1.      Get close to the target audience

2.      Influence the way they think

3.      Have fun doing it

At Guerilla we think that the glue that makes it all work is having fun. We love what we do. It’s never boring, no two days are the same, no two briefs are the same. This keeps us fresh and motivated and it shows in the results.

We love generating innovative ideas – like putting missing posters on the side of rubbish trucks to generate PR or brewing a beer to launch a new transport product or using bluetooth to infiltrate an event.

We love meeting people and getting to understand them. Whether it’s a virtual meeting through desk research and statistical analysis of an audience, qualitative research or just getting out there and talking to them we believe that through knowledge comes insights and through insights comes great work.

We love learning about different types of business over the past 10 years we have created an implemented plans and campaigns over a wide array of sectors including sports, estate agency, theme parks, airlines, rail, car hire, leisure, web sites, IT, electronics, retail, management consultants and charities. 

We love the fact that Guerilla is always changing. We have a flexible team that can adapt to meet a range of challenges from strategic to tactical; small budgets to year long campaigns.

And we would love to hear from you, to meet you, to learn a bit about your business and discuss how applying Guerilla principles could sharpen your marketing.